Criterion Chapter No 6220

On the 16th June 2015, W Bros David West and Lawrie Morrisson travelled up to West Yorkshire to visit the Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals for the purpose of delivering a talk entitled “The King and Raquel Welch”. Mmm. What’s that about I hear you ask?

It is a talk based on erroneous suppositions, one of which is that some people may think that Raquel Welch was a Bond Girl, which of course she wasn’t! Anyway, with the car packed full of all the audio/visual equipment needed they drove northwards towards God’s Own Country, happy to be on their road trip.

Arriving at Hoyle Court Masonic Hall in Baildon mid-afternoon, they met Excellent Companion David preparing the temple for the Criterion chapter meeting. The temple was very well appointed and full of character.

They set up the equipment, tested it and then made their way back to the hotel to freshen up and change for the convocation.

It was a wonderful meeting and the ritual was superb with notable differences to the Domatic working. The talk was well received after which the companions sat down to an excellent festive board with good conversation and entertaining toasts.