Wheres Spot Band Concert

The Wheres Spot Band held a concert on Saturday 30th May 2015 at the Danbury Mission, Danbury, Essex.

A group of us went along to support the Master of our daughter lodge, a member of the Wheres Spot Band, at what turned out to be a brilliant concert of outstanding musicianship. The event was in aid of Nepalese children suffering after the recent earthquakes and raised over £3,000. All the musicians gave their time free and the venue was also made available free of charge. There must have been two or three hundred in attendance. It was a great night. David West said “I really didn’t know one could do that with a guitar!”

A few photographs taken during the evening.

All proceeds will be donated to Stand By Me, an established charity which already works with orphaned children in Nepal.

Wheres Spot Band