Brethren from St Laurence, some of whom are members of Le Touquet Loge, attended this meeting and the following festive board which were both held at the Westminster Hotel, Avenue du Verger, Le Touquet, France.

A number of French Grand Officers attended the meeting including T.R.F. Gilbert Geeraert, Grand Maître Provincial together with other National & Provincial Grand Officers.

During the meeting W Bro Ken Cownden delivered the last part of his talk on French Freemasonry which pointed out that the relatively recent disagreement between the English and French Grand Lodges was by no means a novel occurrence and that disagreements within French Freemasonry have been commonplace throughout history.

After the meeting, brethren and partners attended a champagne reception prior to a very nice 5 course meal. They then retired to the terrace to enjoy the company of their brethren and a few convivial drinks before retiring for the evening.

A few photos of the day and evening.