Masonic events taking place this year and also those that have occurred in previous years.

Masonic events

Masonic events are sometimes social occasions. These are open to everyone. Other events, however, are restricted to members of St Laurence Lodge and other Freemasons’ lodges.

The social occasions are ideal for those wishing to join Freemasonry and to meet Freemasons in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This could be in a restaurant or pub, at a summer fete or garden party, or while taking part in more sporting activities such as golf, bowling or clay pigeon shooting. After attending several such events over a period of time, a decision can then be made as to whether or not any application to join the Lodge should proceed.

Make a note of future dates and come along. You will be most welcome and hopefully enjoy yourself. For more information just contact the secretary.

Lodge of Instruction – Our lodge of instruction is held once a week for the guidance of brethren wishing to further their masonic knowledge. It is also held to enable us to practise the ritual in a less formal atmosphere than is found at regular lodge meetings. The lodge of instruction is a great venue to get to know each other. The learning process is obviously serious and we all want to do well, but we also have a lot of fun. All freemasons are welcome to join in at our lodge of instruction but if you are not known to us, please bring along proof of your membership and be prepared to be tested!

Coming Soon – Events scheduled for this current year and beyond.

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Masonic Events in the Province of Essex – Up to date news of events throughout Essex.