Welcome to St Laurence Lodge No 5511

We are Essex Freemasons in England, in the UK

******* NEWS *******
13th February 2018 – Colne Lodge Meeting
13th January 2018 – St Laurence Installation Meeting
14th October 2017 – St Laurence Meeting
22nd September 2017 – Curry Night
9th September 2017 – St Laurence Ladies’ Festival
The Masonic Charitable Foundation is making a difference to thousands of people in communities across England and Wales. In the last four months since October 2016 alone the Masonic Charitable Foundation has donated over £1.5million.
11th November 2016 – Hamlet Court Meeting.
2nd September 2016 – Over the last 12 months Freemasons have donated £18.9 million to assist nearly 4,500 people and over 70 charities.
13th July 2016 – Essex Freemasons donate £145,000 to Scouts for a “tall ship aerial runway” at Skreen’s Park in Roxwell near Chelmsford.

St Laurence is a Freemasons lodge situated in the Masonic Province of Essex and we are therefore Essex Freemasons. Our lodge was founded in 1935 and is warranted under the United Grand Lodge of England. We have always met in Upminster, Essex which is in the London Borough of Havering on the east side of London.
St Laurence Lodge welcomes new members.

We are an innovative and growing lodge of Essex Freemasons and as a result have a programme full of interesting meetings and events planned for this year and beyond. Some of these will include ceremonies for the initiation of new candidates who want to join us and become Essex Freemasons while others will advance the masonic development of our brethren. Some of our brethren will take part in specially arranged ceremonies at other lodges associated with St Laurence. See our events page for past and forthcoming masonic and social events.

*** Colne Lodge Meeting ***
*** The Noble Lord ***
*** St Laurence Meeting - 13th January 2018 ***
*** Henry de Gray Meeting - 9th December 2017 ***
*** Cornerstone in Scotland ***
*** Corbets Tey School Donation ***
*** St Laurence Meeting - Triple Initiation ***
*** Ingrebourne Chapter Convocation - 21st October 2017 ***
*** St Laurence Meeting - 14th October 2017 ***
*** Curry Night ***
*** St Laurence Ladies' Festival 2017 ***
*** The Square at Upminster - Virtual Tour ***
*** W Bro John Helliar & the Hammers ***
*** Consecration of Lodge of XV ***
*** St Laurence Meeting - 27th May 2017 ***

*** St George's Day Celebration ***
*** Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting ***
*** St Laurence Meeting - 11th March 2017 ***
*** Installation Meeting - 14th January ***
*** St Laurence Grand Prix ***
*** Romford Greyhound Stadium ***
*** Royal Arch - Your Next Important Step - Update ***
*** St Laurence vs Emeronians Golf Day ***
*** River Boat Cruise ***
*** Ten Pin Bowling ***
*** St Laurence Golf Day ***
*** Andaz Hotel Meeting ***

*** Freemasonry - What's It All About? ***

New members

We welcome decent and trustworthy men who want to become Essex Freemasons and also want to learn about the history, secrets and mysteries of Ancient Freemasonry. These will be men who want to be part of a worldwide fraternity whose members enjoy each other's company and who are normally at least 21 years of age. Men may also apply who are of a minimum age of 18 years, although a mature disposition must be demonstrated.

Those who want to learn who can become a Freemason, how to become an Essex Freemason and how to become a member of St Laurence Lodge, please see the Join Us page. You can also use the contact form to email the Lodge Secretary. It can be very daunting to contact someone you don't know but there will always be a warm and friendly welcome waiting here at St Laurence Lodge. We can assure you that rank and fortune are not important to Freemasons or Freemasonry. Furthermore, neither are religious choices, colour, creed or sexual preferences and all suitable men are truly welcome. So if you would like to find out more about Freemasons and our lodge, how to become an Essex Freemason and how to join us, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain gave an oration for the benefit of a newly made brother at a previous meeting. He spoke about the principles of Masonry and the fact that all Freemasons within its order are equal. It is a very nice piece which you can read here.
.Freemasonry Today

The magazine Freemasonry Today is an official publication from the United Grand Lodge of England. It is published four times a year and packed with information, articles and stories. You can access it online without charge. Please do have a look if you are interested in freemasonry..

Our members

Our Lodge is old enough to have traditions which we enjoy and yet young enough not to be swamped by them. The ages of our members range from 23 to nearly 90. We have brethren in the building trades, a printer, people in insurance and property. Also an accountant, an author, a trainer, a commercial diver, people in computing and office equipment, a book binder, a taxi driver and a few retired folk. St Laurence Lodge members generally live in South East Essex and East London. In Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster (within the Borough of Havering), Brentwood, Grays, Southend, Harlow, Barking and Dagenham, Chelmsford, Billericay, Witham and Basildon.

When and where 

We meet four times a year on a Saturday at the Upminster Masonic Hall in Deyncourt Gardens, Upminster, Essex, England and you can travel to the hall quite easily by road or rail.  There is plenty of parking at the Masonic Hall should you wish to drive there or Upminster Station is only a 10 minute walk. Our meetings usually start around 3:15pm and the following festive board finishes at about 9:30pm. Many other Freemasons' lodges also meet at this masonic hall, which has been renamed "The Square at Upminster". Ingrebourne Lodge, Abbots Hall Lodge, Engayne Lodge and Upminster Hall Lodge (our family lodges) are among these.

Our Lodge of Instruction is held between September and May on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the Rush Green Centre in Romford, Essex. You can attend as soon as you become a Freemason. In fact it is most desirable because you will learn about Freemasonry and the ritual. You will also make life long friends.

The Future of Freemasonry

The respected Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford previously released a comprehensive and independent report on the future of Freemasonry.  As Nigel Brown, the Grand Secretary said, "the report suggests that, contrary to much misleading commentary, Freemasonry does in fact demonstrate genuine openness and transparency. It concludes that Freemasonry is arguably more relevant today than ever before. In particular"......... read more.

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