Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting

24th March 2011

During a recent visit to Freemasons’ Hall, a number of the Brethren indicated that they would like to attend Provincial Grand Lodge to see the Grand Temple in action and so we thought we would arrange a St Laurence party to attend together.

In the event, three Brethren from St Laurence attended the meeting which was indeed impressive, especially for anyone who had not previously attended a Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting.

The Grand Temple was almost full as the R. W. Provincial Grand Master invested his officers for the ensuing year and bestowed honours (first appointments and promotions) on about 350 brethren!

After the meeting the brethren from St Laurence dined in the Grand Hall of the Connaught Rooms which had recently been tastefully refurbished and now provides an excellent venue. The service was good and the quality of the food has been improved considerably so is now very good indeed.

For future information, the Essex Mason usually includes an A4 sheet of paper with the details on how to arrange a visit on it. This tells you the time, what to wear and where to go to clothe for the meeting. In fact, it is best to arrive at Freemasons’ Hall by about 2.45 pm (for a 3.30pm meeting) as it gets crowded quite quickly.

If you are a Master Mason or a Past Master, you go in the big doors on the corner – the doors that featured in Spooks! You sign in on the sheets provided, put on your regalia and then give in your bag, coat etc. to the cloakroom attendants (Tylers.) You then make your way to the Grand Temple. (Only Master Masons and above can attend.)

We usually go upstairs on the South side (over the Junior Grand Warden and top right of this picture.) So if you go directly to this area, look around and find the rest of the St Laurence Brethren. If you are first, then spread yourself out a bit!

Provincial officers go in the Great Queen Street entrance opposite Wolfe’s Bar and Grill and follow the same procedure.