Charity Abroad

Congratulations to Bro. Reiss of St Laurence Lodge No. 5511 who has recently returned from 2 weeks of volunteering in Croatia with his local University

Every year the University sends volunteers to a small number of hospitals and care centres in Croatia that cater for patients with physical and learning disabilities.  Reiss and the other volunteers improved living conditions for the patients by refurbishing, repairing and improving access around the centres.  The group lived on their sites during their experience and spent some of their time interacting with the patients, for some of which this one to one human interaction, where play and care are combined, can be a rare luxury.  While St Laurence Lodge is always happy to donate money to worthwhile causes, we are especially proud that one of our members has done even more in the cause of charity than put his hand in his pocket. Reiss has spent time in Croatia making a real difference to the lives of some of the people there by his determination and sheer hard work.

Reiss is currently preparing for another volunteering trip that will commence in January 2014, this time with the Namuncha community in Kenya.

Some of the projects Reiss was involved with (before and after) and repairing a walkway.