St Laurence Go Karting – 16th December 2014

On 16th December 2014 Team St Laurence went go karting at the Brentwood Leisure Park.

Twelve members and friends attended the event, nine of whom took their lives in their hands and hurtled round the track at breakneck speed to see who would be the supreme champion.

The evening started with a safety lecture and film which also explained the controls of the go karting machines. After kitting up in overalls, gloves and helmets there was a five minute practice run to get acquainted with the go karts. There followed a ten minute qualifying round to determine final grid positions for the actual race, at which point the adrenalin was pumping and tension crackled in the cold night air!

The flag then went down and they were off. Fighting for pole position and giving no quarter. The race was fiercely fought by all participants but of course there could be only one winner and when the chequered flag signalled the end of the race, it was ‘Stirling’ Steve Bilby who carried off the 1st prize trophy. David Crow came a close second with Martin Ward clinching a well deserved third position.

After the race we retired to the adjacent Chinese restaurant and partook of an excellent buffet meal accompanied by a few drinks and tall tales of driving skills on the go karting track. A great evening and £80 raised for charity.

A few photos of the evening (click on the first thumbnail to enter the slideshow).
There is also a video further down the page.