Installation Meeting – 11th January 2014

On the 11th January 2014, the Mastership of the lodge passed to W. Bro. Derek Tatters.

In a charming ceremony at the Festive Board the Installing Master, W. Bro. Jonathan Pyne, and the new Master shared some malt whisky given to the lodge by the uncle of recent initiate, Bro. Reiss. His uncle is a Past Master of the No 1 Ter Lodge of Aberdeen and also presented the lodge with a quaich which was used during the toast. To thank W. Bro. Alan Everard for his superb Address to the Brethren and to mark his imminent retirement as Assistant Provincial Grand Master, the new Master invited him to share the tipple, poured with a somewhat generous hand by the lodge Secretary.

The Master’s Song was delivered by a choir recruited from our own lodge and the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ Lodge No 2881. The end of the song was greeted with great acclaim, relief and advice not to give up the day job.

A few photographs taken prior to the meeting and at the festive board.