Masonic Visiting

Masonic Visiting at the Upminster Hall Lodge No 7573.

Masonic VisitingA number of St Laurence brethren visited our daughter lodge to witness the installation of a new Master on the 7th January, which was carried out in a very sincere and enjoyable manner.

The Chaplain sat in the Master’s chair and assisted the current Master by performing the Installation Ceremony, ably assisted by other brethren in the lodge, including the Treasurer.

There was also a joining member at the meeting which gave testament to the healthy stature of the lodge.

At the festive board the menu had a strong Scottish theme with haggis, neeps and tatters with a wee dram of scotch whisky to pour over it.

The haggis was piped in by the impressive gentleman on the left who also played the bagpipes at various intervals during the meal to the delight of the brethren

The address to the haggis was given in a most dramatic and frightening way by a masonic visitor of some renown in thespian circles and a frequent visitor to the St Laurence family of lodges.

Visiting our daughter lodge, were also two great friends of St Laurence; John from Evander Lodge (on the left) and Chas from Victory Marine. John has just had a nasty accident which left his nose and eye the worse for wear. It was only Masonic kindness to airbrush the results out!

Masonic Visiting