Priory Lodge Meeting – 18th September 2014

At a happy meeting of Priory Lodge No 1000, Bro Michael Smith was raised to the degree of a Master Mason.

On the 18th September 2014, twelve brethren and guests from St Laurence Lodge travelled down to the Southend Masonic Centre for the raising of Bro Michael. Priory Lodge is St Laurence’s Great Grandmother Lodge and as such it was very fitting that they helped us by doing this work. And they certainly did us proud!

The Master and Officers of Priory Lodge carried out the third degree ceremony in a most excellent manner. They were assisted by W Bros Ken Cownden and Len West from St Laurence, who delivered the Traditional History and Walking Charge respectively. One of our regular guests, W Bro John Stonely, also helped during the ceremony by acting as the Senior Deacon and looking after Bro Michael throughout.

After a very good meeting, the brethren dined together at the festive board in perfect harmony, enjoying an excellent meal, each other’s company and the entertaining toasts.

The officers and members of Priory Lodge together with members of St Laurence Lodge.

Priory Lodge No 1000

The Master of Priory Lodge with Bro Michael. 

Priory Lodge No 1000