St George’s Day Celebration – 25th April 2014

St George’s Day is celebrated by St Laurence Brethren annually, on the Friday nearest to St George’s Day.

A number of the brethren and their friends travel each year to a wine bar called the Pipe of Port in Southend, Essex. A quaint establishment with basement accommodation and sawdust on the floor. Don’t, however, be deceived by what at first glance appears to be a spartan setting. There the brethren sample the fine wine available and the gastronomical delights. The speciality of the house is their pies, in different shapes, sizes and flavours, but all delicious!

St George's Day

Money is also raised during the evening for the almoner’s fund which, among other things, is used to buy flowers and cards to send to brethren or widows who are unwell. A worthwhile cause and one which is satisfied whilst enjoying the company of friends and brothers.

This year twelve brethren attended the event to celebrate St George’s Day and hailed it as a great evening. Ownership of the establishment had changed hands since last year and there had been thoughts on whether the previous high standards would be maintained. All concerns were unfounded. The wine was almost impossibly even more superior than in previous years and the food glorious.

A few of the brethren warming up for the evening and W Bro Len West with the new manager.