The Taproom – 1st May 2014


The Taproom in Islington serves ale ‘cask to glass’ and is known for its guest ales.

The son of one of our members (who is a member of Walthamstow Lodge No 2472) has recently embarked on a career which must be dear to the hearts of many of us. Yes! He now brews beer for a living!

Lee has started his own micro brewery and on the 1st May, members of his family together with many friends, some of whom are members of St Laurence and Walthamstow Lodges, attended the launch of two of his beers at the Taproom.  Lee supplied one dark ale and one light and both were excellent; and full of promise for even greater delights in the future! Within hours the lighter ale sold out which was a testimony to its quality and flavour.

It was a great evening. The Taproom had bags of atmosphere and the conversation flowed to match the beer. Many of us intended to pop in just for an hour or two but, well, you know how it is. At least I think we all left before the last train and got home safely.

 Just a few photos taken during the evening.