Masonic Apron Discovery – 18th Century

An 18th century masonic apron was recently found!

Prior to the union of the two Grand Lodges in 1813, the rules regarding the wearing of a masonic apron were far more relaxed than they are today and wealthier brethren sourced highly decorative aprons, usually hand painted and embroidered. When we visit the museum at Freemasons’ Hall, most of us make a bee-line for the display there of such aprons, including the famous Moira apron.

Recently, there was a talk by W. Bro. Gordon Spindler of the Claudius Lodge, which we visited in early December 2012 on one of our ‘away days’. Bro. Gordon was able to show this wonderful apron which was discovered under the floor boards of a house in Hadleigh, Suffolk. Quite why it had been hidden there is a mystery but the recovery of such a beautiful and unique apron is a delight.

Masonic apron.