W. Bro. David West currently offers a number of masonic talks, some with slides and video, which can be booked for your future meetings. These include ‘The King and Raquel Welch’, an interesting talk on Masonic hoaxes and  ‘Never be short of candidates again’

David has given and continues to be invited to give numerous talks at many different venues including:

Redbridge: The Cowboy and the Masonic Hoax.

Bulphan Lodge: Never be Short of Candidates Again

Austria: David was invited to address the Grand Lodge of Austria on the subject of the future of freemasonry and attend the formal visit of the Grand Master of Slovenia. Here is the programme in German and in English. More information and photos of the event.

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All that is required for one of these masonic talks to be delivered is reasonable notice and a donation to Teddies for Loving Care. You may be interested to note that as of March 2017, about £1,200 has been raised. If you are interested, please contact the secretary to arrange a date. We’ll provide everything necessary to deliver the talks including sound and video equipment. We’ll just need convenient power supplies and a small table.

The first of these masonic talks is entitled “The King and Raquel Welch”, which is related to the Royal Arch and suitable for presentation at a chapter meeting.

Masonic talks

The second is ideal for craft lodges.  A very short ‘taster’ video is included below (with sound) which should give a fair idea of the way in which the masonic talks are presented. The actual talks, however, are narrated by W. Bro. David West in a very captivating and enthralling manner.

.                                 .

These masonic talks include such subjects as the occult of 19th century France, the Santa Fe Trail and the mountain men, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, a Masonic hoax, Cyrus the Great, polytheism, henotheism and monotheism, Crazy Horse and the Comanche …… and much, much more!

They can be tailored to suit individual lodges or chapters if required, so if there is anything special you would like to be included, just let us know and we’ll do what we can.

And …. if you find the talks of interest, your curiosity can be further satisfied by reading David West’s book.

The third talk entitled ‘ Never be short of candidates again’ is based upon another of his books.

Masonic talks