Lenny Pyne

UPDATE – March 2015

Further funding from the Masonic Samaritan Fund has been approved for 2015 which means Lenny will be able to continue receiving the specialised treatment he needs. The following video shows his remarkable improvement during 2014.

Lenny Pyne, the five year old son of one of our members sadly suffers from Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. It is mainly in his lower body, which means that until recently he was unable to walk unaided. He has had various physiotherapy sessions but little progress was made until a new treatment became available which has literally changed this little boy’s life.

Lenny now attends sessions with Chris Smith, a physiotherapist at Kids Physio Works where he exercises while wearing a Therasuit. This is designed to decrease pathological movement patterns and increase strength, endurance, muscle control and coordination while also increasing functional activities such as sitting, crawling and walking.

The therapy has been extremely effective but very expensive and our Lodge Almoner, W Bro Ed Fehler, therefore applied on Lenny’s behalf for funding from the Masonic Samaritan Fund. The initial response was negative but W Bro Ed battled on tirelessly and nearly two years later agreement was reached to finance Lenny’s treatment, initially for one year. However, the prospect of further funding is very likely and conditional on further supporting reports being submitted at the end of the first year.

The following video shows the progress that young Lenny has made since receiving the treatment and shows him walking unaided for the first time in February 2014.


And 8 months on, still further progress as shown in the next two videos.