Rudyard Kipling

He was the greatest and certainly the most famous Masonic writer ever. His Masonic poems and short stories are without parallel and Masonic references are to be found even in those poems and stories which have no overt Masonic content. Those of us living in the south of England are lucky enough to be able to easily visit the house that he lived in from 1902 to his death in 1936.

Bateman’s, as it is known, is a National Trust treasure in Burwash, East Sussex, TN19 7DS, more or less between Tonbridge and Lewes. It contains many priceless artefacts including this bust of Kipling.

His study, left as if he had just gone out for a cup of tea.

and most excitingly, two founders’ jewels. Kipling was a member of the War Graves Commission. A lodge was formed by some of the members and Kipling gave it its name, The Builders of the Silent Cities. In fact there are two jewels. The original lodge still exists under the Grand Lodge of Belgium but a London lodge with the same name was formed later.

Not easy to photograph these through a glass lid but hope you can see what they are. Do visit. It is a lovely day out.