After a supposedly successful operation before Christmas our Noble Lord was kept in hospital for another two months. He was then sadly diagnosed with a life threatening illness and passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 3rd February 2018.

These are just a few of the comments received on his passing which reflect the love and affection and high regard felt for him.

I have lots of memories of dear John, including the first time we ‘ennobled ‘ him. I also treasure the time we took him on an away day to Priory lodge for a third. He acted as SD and got totally disoriented in the dark, at one point presenting the candidate to the secretary and treasurer. He took me to a number of his ‘prestigious’ lodges, full of ‘top brass’ in his words. He was a truly dedicated mason and a superb ritualist, a grand officer in the craft but also in many other orders. He always said the greatest honour he received was honorary membership of St Laurence, his favourite lodge. He loved the members.
I for one will miss him very much.
Ave atque vale

Such sad news. I remember John at my passing. And how he lead me around the lodge. Devastated

I would add that I cannot remember him seriously having a bad word to say about anyone . He always met everyone with the same affection and kind greeting that we came to take for granted whenever he was in our presence. He gave everyone he met a smile (a grin actually), and a warm welcome, and always made us feel special by his greeting. A wonderful man, a true mason, and along with many, many others, I will miss him immensely.

Such sad news , I agree with all that's been said about John, great man great mason,
He will be sadly missed.

Very sad. John was a Great Mason and will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with his family.

The passing of John will I am certain be a loss to all Brethren who knew him.
A true mason who will be sadly missed.

John was a kind and generous man, and an outstanding Mason. He bore his illness with tremendous determination, humour and dignity and he will be sorely missed.

A man and a Freemason - who I was delighted, privileged and honoured to have know. His knowledge was - exceptional. The list of people he knew and who asked his advice - endless and exceptional. The smile he always wore to greet you – amazing and everlasting. He has left an imprint on all our lives for those of us who knew him.
The photograph of him below says what “Lord John” was all about and how I will always remember him.
No longer with us but always in my thoughts.
May he rest in peace.