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Upminster Masonic Hall Committee do it again!

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Upminster Masonic Hall

The small temple at Upminster Masonic Hall has recently been refurbished to a very high standard and was officially opened on the 10th September 2015 by the Essex Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Rodney Lister Bass. It has been named the Grecian temple and has been decorated in the style of the Grecian Temple at the former Great Eastern Hotel. In the late 1990’s the Great Eastern Hotel was re-branded as the Andaz by the Hyatt Corporation. They have kept the masonic temple as a dining area and occasional venue for Masonic meetings. Indeed, St Laurence Lodge held a meeting there on the 13th February 2016.

The Upminster Masonic Hall Committee, and in particular W Bro Bill Caten, have worked extremely hard to bring the temple up to a magnificent standard during the summer break. Although a few minor works were still outstanding at the commencement of the new Masonic season, they were hardly noticed by the brethren who were amazed at the transformation. In addition to the obvious visual improvements, the ventilation system was replaced with efficient state of the art heating and cooling equipment. Lighting throughout the temple was also provided by efficient low energy light sources. The Upminster Masonic Hall Committee enabled the improvements at a low cost to the centre. This was managed through diligent negotiation with suppliers and with the help of members and contractors who provided their services at extremely beneficial rates, often at no cost whatsoever.

The bar and social areas were also revamped so that taking into consideration the refurbishment of the large temple in 2014 the centre must now be the envy of every Essex Freemason not meeting at Upminster!

Upminster Masonic Hall

A virtual tour of the Grecian Temple can be taken here.