St Laurence Handbook

Things don’t just happen in a Lodge. They have to be made to happen.

This book is about sharing the leadership of our Lodge. It is intended to help the Lodge work through generation change. Such change occurs in all Lodges.

There are many books on the duties of Lodge Officers but all too often these give both too little information and too much. Too little because they cannot tell us how our own Lodge works – its peculiarities, customs, habits and its own little ways – and too much with such arcane matters as the procession for the visit of the MW the Grand Master to a private Lodge. (Frankly, the chances of the MW the Grand Master visiting St Laurence are infinitesimally small and, even if he did, we would have almost nothing to do with the arrangements!) What our Brethren need to know is more immediate and specific to St Laurence. It will also be specific to each and every Lodge.

A PDF version of the “St Laurence Handbook” may be viewed by clicking here.

This volume can also be made available in Microsoft Word format by download from this site subject to a charitable donation. Other Lodges may thus amend it to fit their own usages and publish their own handbook for their members. Please contact the Secretary of St Laurence Lodge for further details and the password for the download.