Brethren from St Laurence met once again for a tasty Punjabi Curry, this time at the Tandoori Lounge in Upminster, Essex.

They all met in the Sutton Arms for a few drinks before taking a short walk to the restaurant. The restaurant itself was very modern, busy and family friendly. They enjoyed sharing platters to start before going onto dishes that were individually chosen.

Eight brethren were able to attend the night along with a friend of Bro Jas who is not yet a Mason but has been to a number of social events with us in the past.

We all had a great time and have agreed to host another Punjabi themed night in the future. Great wine was shared along with many pints of Cobra draught lager. The food was tasty and fresh and it was the first time many of us had sampled Punjabi Salmon (although many of us were convinced it was chicken)!

Special thanks should go out to Bro Jas who organised the whole evening.