On the 13th October 2018, Bro Luke joined us and was initiated by our Worshipful Master, W Bro Dean, during a most sincere and enjoyable ceremony. Bro Lee confidently explained the working tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemason after which W Bro Cliff delivered the charge in his normal exemplary fashion.

At the same meeting W Bro David, our IPM, passed our Bros Peter and James to the second degree in a most excellent manner, assisted by W Bro Len and the other officers of the lodge.

Throughout both ceremonies, the wardens, deacons and inner guard performed to a high standard, always difficult to maintain when carrying out two ceremonies at the same meeting!

At the end of the meeting a presentation was made to Bro Michael who had been part of the team which had won this year's Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court golf tournament.

During the festive board the brethren enjoyed a Spanish themed meal and were entertained by amusing toasts from W Bro David, who gave the toast to the Master, W Bro Chas, who replied on behalf of the toast to the visitors, and also Bro Jas who had proposed Bro Luke and gave the toast to the initiate.