St Laurence Meeting - 8th October 2022

On the 8th October 2022, Fraser Betts, Worshipful Master of St. Laurence Lodge No. 5511, initiated Rob Foote into freemasonry, and so revived a masonic family tradition.

Rob’s Grandfather and Great Grandfather were freemasons. However, his Father did not continue the Masonic tradition of his predecessors. Rob, therefore, was determined not to let the legacy slip again and wished to bridge the gap that would otherwise have ended the Foote family masonic connections.

Rob’s Grandfather was Robert Charles Foote and he had an illustrious masonic career. Initiated in the Aurea Norma Lodge No. 4811, London, during April 1976, he rose through the ranks to become the Master and soon afterwards, during 1993, the secretary. He was honoured with a promotion to Senior London Grand Rank during 2000. He was also exalted into the Royal Arch, achieving the honour of London Grand Chapter Rank. Robert then joined Edward the Confessor Lodge No. 3782, an Essex lodge that meets in Upminster and he was also a member of their Chapter. In all he enjoyed 34 years of freemasonry including 16 years in the Royal Arch.

Rob is justly proud of his Grandfather. He himself has four sons, each of course being a Lewis (the son of a freemason) and he hopes in time, they will also continue the Masonic tradition he has just restored.

At the meeting we were honoured by the presence of our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Graham Dickerson PSGD, who congratulated Brother Rob on taking his first regular step in freemasonry. He also met and congratulated Brothers Mahmoud and Enrique, who had both been initiated since Graham's last visit to St Laurence Lodge.