Topgolf Social Evening - 21st May 2022

A wonderful evening at Topgolf in Chigwell when 10 brethren and 3 possible candidates for Freemasonry met to enjoy a competitive game of "golf".

The evening went down really well and all those attending received a lifetime membership of the club. The food was marvelous with 4 platters of “Backyard BBQ” and a “Burger Platter” – including Pulled Pork Baps, Burgers, Salad, BBQ Wings, Ribs, Tater Tots, Mac & Cheese, Fries, Sweet Potato Fries ........ and of course, a drink or two.

We played for almost three hours and although some had never played golf before the other brethren ‘swung’ into action, helping one another on how to stand and hit the balls. We were spread across three bays, with a dedicated host called “Diana” who was excellent in getting our drinks and helping out where needed.

There were two games. The first game had prizes awarded depending on how well each person scored. Len came first, Fraser second, Jeff third and Mahmoud scored lowest, but was very proud of his prize of a wooden spoon.

All agreed that we should do it again soon!

A few photos taken on the day (click a thumbnail to enter the slideshow)